Animal Warden Services

We have been assisting Councils deliver Animal and Dog Warden services for many years and have a team of experienced and trained officers waiting to help.

Do you need?

  • Short term holiday and sickness or maternity/paternity cover for your own staff
  • The facility to extend service operating hours
  • Provide additional enforcement patrols and increase the issue of dog fouling Fixed Penalty Notice
  • Require support for Educational, Promotional or Micro Chipping events

If so we are confident a package can be tailored that will meet your individual needs, alternatively we can offer interested clients our fully integrated “end to end” service solutions with:

  • Front line customer call reception linked directly to your Council Contact Centre
  • Outsourcing of all administrative support and back office functions
  • Workflow processing, data capture, maintenance of statutory records and notice serving and access to our publicly accessible found dog web site

Our Wardens are all CRB security vetted and operate to our strict quality procedures and systems, supported by our dedicated administrative team. We utilise modern technology and have a fleet of specially adapted commercial vehicles all fitted with real time satellite tracking for safety and to increase service efficiency and Officers use PDA’s with cameras for communicating electronically.

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For clients where budget cuts or austerity measures are driving service reviews, we are happy to explore or suggest possible service options on a without prejudice basis.

If you are interested in a career working with dogs, click here.