Specialist Contact Centre

Our Specialist In-House Contact and Data Centre is operational seven days a week, is based at our Head Office in Devon and provides the cornerstone of our recent successes. With an expandable eighteen seat facility, calls are currently answered on behalf of thirteen local councils*, who are linked to us at network level, along with answering calls for SDK Environmental and Dial-A-Pest.

We currently have 40 digital lines on an ISDN 30 backbone with back up SIP internet lines, delivered and distributed by a corporate level IP Cortex PBX through our integrated network.

Our Services

As registered Microsoft Partners and Office 365 re-sellers, our IT engineers are constantly striving to further develop our integrated communication systems that will heighten our efficiency and improve the customer experience. Pest control customers can obtain advice, enquire about our services, book a treatment for a fixed price, select suitable appointments and pay for a treatment all at 1st contact, with all this confirmed immediately by e-mail

Customer Care

We constantly measure call hold times to ensure we meet our Customer Charter promises, supervisors review call recordings to check how our agents handled customer enquiries and where appropriate refresher training is provided and excellent performance rewarded. Call agents report to a team leader who retains personnel responsibility for a number of key council accounts and capacity plans and structures workloads for their field based officers.

*Data correct as at 27th November 2012