Partnership E-Commerce

In modern times, organisations are under increasing pressure to provide 7-day a week services to its customer base and people are becoming more and more accustomed to requesting goods and services via the internet from the comfort of their own home. Through its use of technology, SDK offers the opportunity to book pest treatments online through

  • the Dial-A-Pest website
  • via a council webpage where SDK is the pest control service provider

The option to book online underlines SDK’s commitment to assist the disadvantaged and harder-to-reach audiences within our society, as it offers the opportunity to request appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer our business partners the opportunity to tailor specific webpages to promote their services and integrate with our online booking, thereby helping achieve their own internal targets and objectives.

To book online at, click here

To view a bespoke webpage designed for online booking at one of SDK’s pest control partners, click here