Electronic Lone Worker Protection

Our vehicle tracking allows us to report on employees movements between customers and complies with our lone working policy and procedure.

The use of vehicle satellite tracking allows us to monitor employees to ensure that they are adhering to their set route and shows if they have stopped for an extended period of time, indicating that there may be a problem allowing us to implement our escalation procedure.

In addition to vehicle tracking for some restricted and more high risk posts, we also adopt the use of GEM Shield units which are safety devices worn on the belt of the individual, these are essentially emergency GPS devices.

These units are directly linked to a call centre manned 24/7 and an SOS button can be pressed at any time to get in contact with the call centre if the staff member feels at risk. There are strict escalation procedures after the SOS message is sent.

At first the call centre will try and make contact with the operative over the unit. If they are unable to do this they alert the emergency services and guide them to the location of the unit using the inbuilt tracker.

As part of the procedures and escalation both the emergency services and a senior member of SDK are informed if an SOS is alerted and information about the employee allocated to that unit is passed to the emergency services.