Our Partnering Policy

This webpage aims to formalise our policy for the fostering, developing and maintaining of partnering agreements with Contracted Clients.

It is recognised that for any partner relationship to build, develop and flourish there must be a clear understanding between both parties of the contractual specification requirements applying and the need to meet these as a minimum.

A successful partnering relationship should lead to these being exceeded and then altered or improved to incorporate technological advances, newly developed best practises and cater for and reflect customer’s wishes.

The provision of quarterly documented contract review meetings supported by comprehensive, accurate service statistics and KPI reporting will confirm service continuity and that the minimum standards are being met. Any pre-notified items for inclusion in the agenda by either party can then be discussed with exchanged agreed minutes completing the process.

An annual service review is central to partnership working and should be attended by Senior Officers, key service level partners, elected members such as Portfolio holders and interested customer focus groups, if appropriate. There needs to be a supporting comprehensive road map and strategy reference document in place to structure the meeting and permit performance measurement.

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