Environmental Policy

SDK (Environmental) Ltd/Dial-a-Pest works in a competitive and commercial market. Much of our work is carried out to Conditions of Contract and a Work Specification set by our customer, normally a local authority. In such cases the “Environmental Policy” is to a great extent determined by the customer, who may have to meet conflicting demands of keeping within an agreed budget and adhering to environmental standards that may strain the resources of that budget. However, SDK is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible business processes and so we will, within that contract framework, seek to provide a service that takes account of the needs of the environment as well as the customer.

To do this we will adhere to the following principles:

1. SDK (Environmental) Ltd/Dial-a-Pest believes that care for our environment is fundamental to all of our futures, and recognises that active concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of its business.

2. SDK (Environmental) Ltd/Dial-a-Pest operates as a major pest control supplier to the Public Sector, a market segment where environmental concerns are particularly sensitive and hold significant reputational risk for both the client and the supplier. We therefore undertake to maintain as full and open an information flow to our customers (Public Bodies and private individuals) and to members of the public as we can possibly manage in order to maintain an atmosphere of trust in all our operations and interactions.

3. We will always comply with statutory requirements concerning materials, application techniques and methods of work and will consider environmental impact assessments and risks as part of our normal work process development activities.

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