Mission Visions and Values

Mission Statement
“To provide a consistent and high quality service to our clients and customers by the utilisation of our skills, knowledge and technology. To protect, improve and maintain the home and environment in a professional manner whilst enabling rapid yet controlled growth. To be recognised by the councils, companies and individuals that we serve as the UK’s top performing pest, animal and waste service provider.”

Our Vision
SDK Environmental trading as Dial-A-Pest exists to serve the people and businesses with whom we are associated directly or via the Councils with whom we work.

Our vision for the Company is a simple one – we aim to be one of the UK’s top performing Pest Control and Dog Warden companies, recognised by the councils, companies and individuals with whom we work for our service excellence.

We want everyone who works for SDK Environmental Ltd/Dial-A-Pest to be proud of the Company and the services it offers.

Putting our Clients and Customers First
SDK Environmental/Dial-A-Pest exists to serve our clients, the councils and businesses who commission us and the people who call upon our services. Meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers is central to everything we do and customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success.

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