Risk Policy

Risk can be defined as:

“The threat that an event or action will adversely affect the Company’s ability to achieve its objectives, perform its duties or meet the expectations of its customers”

The aim of this policy is to ensure risk management is and remains embedded as a cornerstone for all key decisions and is recognised and practised at all levels throughout the company. This policy further aims to clarify the structure and framework to be used in the development of a comprehensive Risk Management Strategy document that meets this objective.


  • SDK Environmental / Dial a Pest is committed to implementing a proactive approach to risk management that is based on the following key principles:
  • Risk management activity will be aligned to corporate and business plan aims, objectives and priorities. It will encompass all strategic and operational risks that may prevent SDK Environmental / Dial a Pest from fulfilling its objectives.
  • Risk management is key to the Company’s corporate strategy.
  • The Company will anticipate and take preventative action to avoid risks rather than dealing with the consequences.
  • Risk management is a process to assist in understanding risks and thereby to contribute to improved decision-making. The purpose therefore is not to design out all risk, but to manage it effectively and appropriately.
  • A consistent approach to the identification, assessment and management of risks will be embedded throughout the Company.

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