The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is the leading UK trade association representing those organisations with a professional interest in the eradication of public health pests. It is a not-for-profit organisation which acts in the interests of its members and on behalf of the pest management industry within the UK.

BPCA places great importance on promoting the highest standards of professionalism within the industry. All organisations joining the Association have to meet rigorous criteria and prove their competence before their membership is accepted.

It is the role of the Association to highlight the risks of inadequate control, to offer guidance in what to look for when searching for a pest control contractor, and finally how to draw up pest control contracts to help you select an appropriate pest control professional.

By choosing a BPCA member you are ensuring the use of a contractor who can provide a professional and consistent service. You can search for a professional pest controller in your area and you can also find a full listing of all those organisations who are members of BPCA at www.bpca.org.uk

The aims of the British Pest Control Association are:

  • Ensure the provision of a legislative environment conducive to the profitable operation of member companies’ businesses
  • Represent the interests and opinions of the UK public health pest control industry to Government, other key decision makers, the general public and associated industries
  • Represent a responsible industry committed to the control of public health pests, minimising risk to the general public, non-target animals and the environment
  • Encourage high standards of professionalism within the industry
  • Explain the role of the industry in today’s society and its benefits to the community*

*Information taken from www.bcpa.org.uk on 27th November 2012

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